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Meet Daniel, an 11th grader at Christel House India - Bangalore

How can a boy from the slums of Bangalore qualify for a trip to the prestigious Culver Academy Summer Leadership Program? It takes an optimistic outlook, the academic skills and determination to win a Science Olympics award, teamwork honed on the soccer field—not to mention clothes, shoes and health care. In the words of Daniel (pictured left):

“So many people in my country don’t get a chance to get educated. Not my father and my mom. A boy like me who’s not educated—he goes to work. He may get a meal per day. He may be roaming around in the streets.

Christel House is everything to me. It gives me education. I get food, I get clothing, I get books. It will help me to find a job. There are good teachers who teach us well, and many facilities that help.

I’m a good student. That’s why I was chosen to come to Culver.

I love Culver. It’s a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world. We can experience the traditions of different cultures. It’s a very good experience. At the camp, I learn about leadership. I can apply the skills I’m learning to any situation.

I’m taking back responsibility and how to be good in the world, and how to make the world better through my actions—helping people, helping my friends. I try to make myself a good person.”

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