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Impoverished students need good role models

Christel House India now has its first doctor! Dr. Shaik Resma is one of dozens of successful graduates that have completed university studies.

A rigorous high school curriculum helped students succeed in the two key board exams necessary to secure university admission—the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) at the tenth grade level and the Pre-University Certificate (PUC) of the Karnataka State Education Board (grade 12 equivalent).

Additionally, Christel House provides an intensive career guidance program, JIVA, to help students make informed choices on their future education and career paths, charting numerous options in the event their first choice is not attainable. Christel House helps exceptional students secure scholarships and find ways to support their career objectives. Many times, students work and study simultaneously throughout their post-secondary education.

With university credentials in hand, these young people are poised to assure the realization of the Christel House mission—ending the cycle of poverty. We cannot wait to see our young adults maximize their human potential and make a positive contribution to their communities and their country.

Joining a professional course was an impossible dream for my family and me, but Christel House motivated me to dream big. I earned a place in one of the best colleges in Karnataka.

-Maldren Joyce, Christel House India graduate