Character Development
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Strength of character is as important as academic achievement

Four timeless values—respect, responsibility, independence, and integrity—are the cornerstones of our Christel House India character development program. These values help our kids make the right choices in life. While negativity, greed and corruption often flourish within underserved communities, our students are honest, hard-working and compassionate. We encourage them to consider careers that make a positive social contribution.

Christel House students care for their families and communities, and have a desire to make a positive contribution to society. Christel House students have petitioned government officials to provide better sanitation, recycled waste materials, fed the homeless, visited nursing homes and cleaned up their neighborhoods. Your support can empower more Christel House students to make a difference in the world.

I had always dreamt of being a doctor, but I never knew how it would happen, and now I am a doctor!

-Dr. Shaik Reshma, Class of 2012