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Exam results: "Proud moment for students!"

Students at Christel House India – Bangalore (CHIB) posted exceptional results as the Grade 10 SSLC (Senior School Leaving Certificate) Board results were released. 100% of the class passed and nearly all passed with first class and distinction marks according to Jaison C Mathew, CEO, Christel House India. Heena Kowsar B. (pictured) received the highest marks with an impressive 97.3% overall.

“The SSLC is the first benchmark of academic achievement for students throughout India,” says Dr. Ponath Abhimanyu Maya, Principal K-12, CHIB. She describes the exam as a requirement for admissions into pre-university courses and then into degree colleges. “This is important for our students because many of them are first generation learners in their families,” she says. “This is a proud moment for the students and parents.” While remote learning due to the pandemic during their 9th grade year created learning gaps for most students, teachers worked with the kids to develop strategic and aggressive plans to make sure all students were prepared for the board exams. This included after-school remedial classes and a series of mock exams. “The teachers were elated at the results,” says Maya. “It was very satisfying to see that we achieved the desired target.”            

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