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Commerce Fest sparks creativity

Problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are top skills for graduates entering the workforce. Christel House India - Bangalore launched a unique Commerce Fest to challenge students, preparing them for the evolving business environment.

The Commerce Fest focused on Business 4.0 skills, the new tech approach sweeping global businesses. Students are learning about cloud computing, automation, robotics, and AI (artificial intelligence) to better understand the changes impacting the workplace. “Our Commerce Fest is a launch-pad for the students,” says Kiran N., Grade 11 and 12 Business Studies and Economics teacher. Participants developed product concepts, created marketing campaigns, and showcased their communication skills through presentations. The experience was a confidence-builder for the students. “I learned how to work as a team,” says Harini K., a 12th grader, “and I overcame my stage fright while giving my product launch presentation.”  Kiran gives the classes good marks for their work.  “This Fest was a high-octane and successful event focused on building skills that multi-national companies are seeking as they recruit new employees.”  

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