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Keeping kids emotionally healthy and learning in India

At Christel House India (CHI), teachers have become critical caregivers as students continue to learn remotely. That means restructuring the school’s entire operations strategy to better protect the children. Christel House teachers are on the virtual front-line, regularly connecting with students. Praveena Sundaram, the Head of Counselling for CHI, worked with the teachers to develop their pedagogy skills, new teaching methods, to help them recognize signs that students may be vulnerable and need help. “Some children internalize the uncertainty they are feeling during this time, which may result in anxiety, acting out, or depression,” says Sundaram. “Allowing them to discuss their feelings, share their thoughts, and participate in how their new normal routines are planned are helping to ease some of their worry during this ambiguous time.”  Keeping kids healthy and engaged in studies, CHI has recalibrated lesson plans to address the learning gap from not having in-person classes. The Bridge & Accelerated Curriculum introduces individual, focused work to help students maintain some semblance of the past routine. “Since teachers have to be available all the time, it can be a challenge to find work-life balance,” says Sundaram. “Our teachers are doing a great job of effectively moving from a traditional classroom setting to an online approach,” she added.



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