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Student photos reveal pandemic impact

As a school project, Christel House India students snapped photos of life during the pandemic. Dhanaraj Keezhara, Visual Media Teacher, asked the photography club to document “our student’s survival mindset” through pictures. Over 175 student photos were submitted! Sandhya B., Grade 11, is honest about the assignment. “I just clicked pictures of my reality.” Kids from Grades 5 to 12 participated in the project. Students used their parent’s basic smart phones or school tablets provided for online classes to capture their images. “The students clicked pictures from an agonizing environment and frustration,” says Dhanaraj. “However, there is hope depicted in the pictures.” In a striking color image called “Covid Warriors,” Sandhya promoted safety. “I wanted to emphasize precautionary measures and how to fight the pandemic,” she says. Dhanaraj is proud of the student creativity. “They captured powerful images of the pandemic’s impact on their everyday lives.”

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