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Graduates around the world join global conversation

Christel House graduates from India, Mexico, South Africa and the United States came together for a global video conversation. The grads shared their Christel House experiences with over sixty supporters in a Zoom call recently, explaining how Christel House has positively shaped their lives. "The first thing I think of, Christel House is family,” says Ashley Ring, a 2017 Indianapolis graduate now a junior studying Animal Science at Purdue University. Ashley says she’s grateful for the support of the College & Careers program. “There is no other school out there that is going to follow you five plus years beyond graduation,” she says. Angelique Blaauw-Chiropa, a 2009 graduate of Christel House South Africa shared the challenges of growing up in a community overrun with poverty and violence. She says Christel House changed her life. Now working for the Department of Social Development for the COVID-19 crisis in South Africa, Angelique shared she had purchased a home. “No one else in my family has owned their own house. It’s a milestone to celebrate for me,” she says proudly.   

Watch video of the five graduates above.

Click here to watch the entire 1 hour conversation.

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