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The Joys of Christel House India

Sisters Ancy and Mary Joy and their brother Anthony Joy started school together at Christel House India – Bangalore. Now as young adults, these graduate/siblings are still close – they’re even working for the same company, Ernst & Young in Bangalore. Anthony is an Analyst and Ancy and Mary work as Advanced Analysts. They’re proud to have careers together at a successful company.

Growing up was difficult for the Joy siblings. “There were days we had only one meal or we had to fast,” says older sister Ancy. Joining Christel House, they recall the difference having breakfast, lunch, a healthy snack and regular medical care made in their lives. “With Christel House, our situations at home changed and improved for our family.” Mary Joy credits the Christel House India College & Careers program for preparing them for university studies and their jobs. “The career guidance classes conducted in Grades 11 and 12 inspired me,” says Ancy. Anthony appreciates the support. “Thank you, Christel House. Thank you.”


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