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200 alumni return for reunion

For the first time in school history, over 200 alumni returned to Christel House India for a large class reunion. Graduates from the first Christel House India class of 2011 through the most recent class of 2019 were invited. Reunions are hosted annually but generally feature only one or two classes. This year College & Careers coordinators decided to invite all classes.“This is the first time we have had a reunion of all graduates across all the years,” says Jaison Mathew, CEO, Christel House India. “Whether they are working or still studying, these meetings are an opportunity to network, share workplace experiences and help peers with job placements at the companies where they work.” Graduates from as far away as Dubai traveled to reminisce with classmates and make new contacts. “Reunions help Christel House track the progress of our alumni and stay connected with them,” says Mathew. “Feedback on challenges they face at university or in the workplace help guide what we teach our current students.”



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