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Strong character development combined with a rigorous education program is what sets Christel House students apart. “It’s just incredible what Christel House can do in the lives of children that start off with so little,” says Don Knebel, Christel House International Board member. Don and Jen, his wife, have traveled to India, Mexico and South Africa. For Jen, seeing the adversity the children overcome was shocking. “I walked away a changed person,” she admits. Meeting the students inspired the Knebels.They created the Knebel Character Award scholarship. “Jen’s idea was not to award the best student in the class or the one that had the highest achievement,” says Don. “The award is for the student that had survived adversity and done as well as they possibly could under those circumstances.” Christel House core values of respect, responsibility, independence and integrity factor in determining the Character Award winner. “I treasure Christel House because I see how it changes the lives of these kids and gives them a step up in the world that they wouldn’t have,” says Jen. “It just warms your heart.”

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