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Teacher gets prize - but her students are the winners!

Asha Bora is inspired by her middle-school classes at Christel House India – Bangalore. The physics, chemistry and biology teacher recently entered the Raman Experimental Science Teacher Awards (REST), a competition to highlight the skills of India’s best educators. For her entry, Asha made a video using household items to demonstrate the concept of an electrostatic motor using a “twirling cup.” Asha’s video of her science presentation qualified for the Finals. A panel of scientists and teachers judged her “twirling cup” the winning model. “I was excited to showcase the creative teaching abilities I have gained working with my Christel House students,” says Asha. “The best thing about teaching is seeing the way knowledge impacts their lives. You can see the personal transformation.”

See Asha's award-winning twirling cup demonstration: Click here.

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