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Christel House India: "A place to be safe and happy!"

Christel House India ← Bangalore students Steffi and Charan consider themselves lucky. They are grateful to attend a school that offers them so many opportunities.  
As leaders in their school, the two students recalled their first days at Christel House when they were in kindergarten.
For Steffi, her mother first heard of the school from a neighbor. "Not many girls near my house go to school," says Steffi. "When my mom heard about it, she really wanted me to be in Christel House." Charen remembered school as a scary start. "Oh, when I started my first day, I was scared to death because I never went to school before."

But he quickly grew to love Christel House. "Compared to other schools, Christel House India is a big dreamland because we get better education, better opportunities." Steffi sums up her feelings. "Christel House India is a place where you can be safe and happy.The biggest challenge in our school is to work hard and to show people that we poor can study and build our own dreams."

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