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Teachers offer students sense of security in India

The pandemic and social upheaval disproportionately affects children in under-resourced communities. Despite challenging circumstances, teachers at Christel House India went above and beyond this year to ensure students’ emotional and academic success. To keep students and families safe, school buildings have not reopened. “We brainstormed and decided if the children cannot come to the school, we will take the school to the children,” says third grade teacher Sathi Menon. Teacher learning packets are delivered to students and Christel House teachers follow-up, working tirelessly to lift students’ spirits during challenging times. With the lockdown, some children have experienced deep personal trauma. One student lost her father in an accident, forcing her mother to relocate the family back to her hometown. But with the help of the Christel House India counselling team, the student was enrolled into a girl’s hostel near school so she could continue her studies. Both the mother and student received counselling from Christel House for their loss. “This gives the children a sense of security as they know the teachers are only a call away,” Menon says of the weekly calls to each student. “It is time consuming. But we don’t mind putting in those extra hours as we know it benefits the children.”


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