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Special Honors for Maldren at University

Maldren J. was inspired by an educational field trip during 11th grade. That’s when she met a female fighter pilot at an air show. That meeting made quite an impression on the Christel House India – Bangalore student.  Maldren decided on a career course – she would join the Indian Air Force and learn how to fly.  A 2013 graduate of Christel House, Maldren is now in her final semester at Srinivasa Institute of Technology where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Her drive to succeed is still strong. The university just honored Maldren with their “Best Outgoing Student” and “Best in Academics” awards, two impressive recognitions.

As she finishes her university studies, we asked Maldren to share her experiences at Christel House and the university.

1. What age did you start at Christel House?

            I was seven years old when I joined Christel House.

2. Can you share what your experience was like growing up? Family life? Your neighborhood?

            Joining Christel House was a life changing moment for me. After being rusticated from my previous school for not paying the fee, I was forced to stay at home for 6 months doing nothing. Then I joined Christel House with the help of someone working there. It was like entering a new world. More than a school, I felt it was my own home. I was looked after like a baby. I was taught about several things like discipline, and most importantly I learned to value education, food and money. I learned small things like table manners, dressing neatly and how to communicate fluently, which has now helped me a lot to confront the public. I was very shy in my childhood and now I can stand and speak boldly in front of thousands of people.

My family were happy to see me. They always believed that Christel House was the right place for me and even now they are very thankful to Christel ma’am and they always keep her in their prayers. I had also suggested to my friends near my community to join Christel House and they did. Now I am happy to see more students from my neighborhood studying in Christel House.

3. What inspired you to go for an Aeronautical Engineering degree?

            I was inspired by a woman fighter pilot at an Air show conducted in Bangalore, which was a part of an educational trip in grade 11. From then I decided that I should learn how to fly and join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. After I graduated I decided to pursue Aeronautical Engineering, so that I could learn more about aircrafts. I am interested in aircrafts and its design. I look at the sky and admire the beauty of them up in the air flying. Now I am so happy to know about the aircraft and the parts in detail. I am confident enough to design an aircraft part, specifically the wings.

4. Do you feel your Christel House experience had you well prepared for University?

            Christel House gave me everything that I wanted, so that I could go further in my career with full confidence. Through the Jiva career program conducted for the grade 12 students, I came to know my area of interests, strengths and weaknesses. It helped me choose the right career.

Meeting new friends and staff at University, after 10 years at Christel House, was difficult for me. And leaving my hometown for the first time and staying with new people in a new city was even more difficult, but only for few days. My teachers at Christel House and my family gave me enough strength and confidence. Within a few days I was all set to start my tertiary education. I took part in all the events conducted at my University, and also kept a good academic score throughout. I even took the initiative of organizing and leading many workshops and programs. I even gave a motivational talk to thousands of my juniors at my University. I took part and even won events conducted at other Universities. This was all possible because of Christel House. It taught me to face the world with confidence. I never forget our motto: To care, to share, to make a difference in the world. I follow it everywhere and tell my friends at the university to do so.

5. Any special memories of Christel House that had a particular impact on your success?

            Lots of memories, each and every day in Christel House taught me something. To mention a few, the presentation I gave at the Dell office helped me improve my presentation and communication skills, the yearly asset tests, the workshop on Robotics which helped me to figure out my aptitude and interests. These things helped me to get placed in a IT company (SLK softwares). The leadership training, being a house captain twice has brought out the leadership qualities in me. I have been my class representative twice at my university, Vice-president of  Aeronautical Department Association, Coordinator of  my college’s National Technical Festival and the Placement Coordinator. 

6. Final thoughts you would like to share?

            I am proud to say that I am a child of Christel House. I wouldn’t have been what I am today, if Christel House was not a part of my life. I have received continuous support from my teachers and friends. I thank all my teachers, friends for encouraging me at all times. A special and a sincere thanks to Ms. Christel for giving me this heaven on earth. Christel House has been a part of my success and failures, always with me, helping me to come out of my depressions during failures and appreciating me during my successes. Even now I receive the same blessings from my teachers, what I used to get when I was in Christel House. Not to forget, the work study department has been a great help for me to keep in touch with Christel House.

I thank each and every member of Christel House for being my constant support and strength. I love you all, you have my made my life beautiful and meaningful. I promise that I will do my best for society and my community, at least a part of what Ms. Christel is doing now.

7. Thank you so much for for sharing. When do you graduate?

            I will be graduating in June, 2017. Thank you once again for giving me a wonderful life.

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