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The Second Karma Penguin Walk - 2016

Continuing its commitment to corporate social responsibility – with an unmistakable dash of Karma joie de vivre – Karma Group held a second Penguin Walk in October 2016.

The event raised over £10,000, all of which will chart a new course for a group of young students on the College & Careers scholarship program run by Christel House in India

A 30-kilometre hike winding through the hills, fields, forests and beaches near the coast of St. Tropez in France, the Penguin Walk was enjoyed by 15 intrepid, committed Penguins led by John Spence, Karma Group founder and Chairman. 8 year old Columbus Spence showed the true Karma spirit by cheerfully completing the entire course with steadfastness reminiscent of a young Marco Polo.

John’s vision is for the Walk to be a fun, challenging and purposed-filled adventure, fully embracing the mission of improving the lives of the disadvantaged, especially in communities around the world where Karma Group operates.

"Through my work, I regularly encounter disadvantaged communities facing enormous challenges and projects such as the Karma Penguin Walk give us the opportunity to raise awareness, as well as contribute valuable funds to directly help alleviate some of the pressures faced by these young people.”

Karma Group has to date also sponsored the construction and initial establishment of the school library at Christel House Bangalore, including stocking its shelves with children’s books; has provided all the meals for the children in Bangalore since the school opened; and organizes an annual “Camp Royal” excursion, whereby children from Christel House Bangalore are invited to stay for a few days’ holiday at Karma Group’s resorts in Goa and are entertained by resort staff volunteers.

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