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Support for a New School in Naya Raipur, India

The reality for impoverished children in India, particularly girls, is stifling. They face insurmountable odds and are sentenced to repeat the generational cycle of poverty into which they were born. Christel House has been working to break this cycle in India for 15 years.

        1 in 100 girls in India graduate from Grade 12*.
        98 in 100 students at Christel House India pass their graduation exams.

With your support, we will soon open a new school in India to give even more children a brighter future.

The government of Chhattisgarh, one of India’s poorest states, is building a new school for Christel House in the city of Naya Raipur. The school opened in the fall of 2016. Initially, it will serve 210 students in Grades K–2. Each year, the school will add one new grade level.

The government is funding construction, but there is still a great need to cover the cost of student programs, teachers, books, food, health care and transportation.

For young girls living in poverty in Naya Raipur, attending Christel House will mean a free, quality education, nutrition, medical support, safe transportation to and from school and a healthy environment to learn and grow.

Be a part of our work in Naya Raipur and change a child’s life story.

Your gift helps to enroll students and provide Christel House services.

        $1,794 Covers a year for one student
        $897 Covers a semester for one student

        $449 Covers three months for one student
        $299 Covers two months for one student
        $149 Covers one month for one student
        $35 Covers one day for one student

Help Open a Christel House in India

To make a donation within the United States click here: giving.christelhouse.org/NayaRaipur
To make a donation outside of the United States click here: in.christelhouse.org/donate

*Impact at Scale, DARSA, https://www.dasra.org/insight/impact-at-scale

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