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Delhi Hotel commissions Christel House India student artists

All aspiring artists hope their works will be displayed where they can be appreciated. For 16 upper-school students from Christel House India-Bangalore, this dream is becoming a reality.

The Eaton Smart Hotel in Delhi commissioned 16 paintings to be created by Christel House students. The works, all of which depict the sun setting over the ocean, will be displayed in individual hotel suites.

Eaton Smart Hotels will donate more than $6,000 to Christel House in appreciation of the students' efforts. The project took six months to complete, and students worked both during their art classes and after school. The works are stunning and reflect care, precision and creativity in every piece.

We are positive that these paintings will enrich the experience of Eaton Smart guests. And, the Christel House artists can take much pride in knowing that their efforts helped support the school they love.

"I have watched the setting sun spread on its canvas beautiful colors and hues. I tried to capture this brilliant spectacle in my small canvas. The beach and the ocean created a feeling of calmness in me. I felt that I am part of it all." – Gopal K., Grade 11, Christel House India – Bangalore

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