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Meet Revathi S., a Christel House India—Bangalore graduate, class of 2015

Revathi graduated with distinction and at the top of her school. But her life growing up was not an easy path, as she shares her story of challenges and achievements.

I lost my mother when I was in Grade 8, and my brother was in Grade 5. My father is uneducated, and he has not taken any responsibility in bringing up his children. To add to my misfortunes, my grandparents attempted to arrange my marriage to avoid the responsibility of raising a teenage girl. On many days, my brother and I slept without eating dinner. We found it extremely difficult to cope with my father’s absence for long periods, his substance abuse and his total indifference to our well-being. Although I had everything going against me, I never gave up hope and fought for my right to continue my education.   

The encouragement and support I received at school was what kept me going year after year. I excelled in my studies, participated in cultural programs and won prizes in Olympiad competitions, quiz programs and debates.

I was also fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Adobe Youth Voices program. The scholarship will help me to study in one of the best universities in Karnataka, India.

My dream is to become a teacher. I enjoyed teaching my fellow students whenever they needed help. I believe that a teacher can transform the lives of many children. I will uphold the core values of Christel House – Respect, Responsibility, Independence and Integrity in my life. I will strive to become an excellent teacher and hope to one day earn the President’s Award for the best teacher in my country.

I express my immense gratitude to Adobe Youth Voices for giving me an opportunity to work on their projects and giving me the scholarship to pursue my studies. I can never thank my school and my teachers and Ms. Christel DeHaan enough, and I hope I will be able to give back to the community in the future.   

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